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Health Food: Avocados

OH, avocados! How do we love thee? Let us count the ways…We love you on toast, in smoothies, as guacamole (especially alongside a cold margarita!), we even love you in our hair…In fact, we love you everywhere! If you’re like us, you’re probably consuming these perfect green fruits on the regular. We know you know…


Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

via recipes worth repeating There has been a lot of talk recently about how Chicken Soup can help fight off colds. From anti-inflammatory effects to hydrating the body and clearing sinuses, this kitchen staple can be a great defense against cold and flu season. We are loving the Asian flair to this soup, as well…


Recipe: Almond Butter Acai Bowl

We all know that almonds are so so good for you. Chalk full of healthy fats and proteins. But did you know they also can be useful for fertility? Almonds contain lots of vitamin E, which is essential for the health of the uterine lining! With that in mind, we’re loving this recipe for Almond…


Rainbow Popsicles Recipe

By Beth at The First Year Blog A dessert that is all at once refreshing, delicious, healthy and beautiful? That’s something we can get on board with. These may seem complex but they are totally worth it and a great way to sneak in a few extra fruits and veggies for you and the kiddos…


Lime & Ginger Detox Soup

Original Recipe by Monica the Cave Woman We’ve talked about the health benefits of ginger here before (remember this yummy smoothie??), but can we say again how great it is for your body?? Ginger helps relieve digestive issues, helps protect against cancer, flights colds and flu, lowers blood pressure, speeds up metabolism and of course,…


Grape, Avocado & Arugula Salad

Via Gimme Some Oven Did you know that grapes actually can give you an awesome energy boost? It’s true! And who doesn’t need that every once in a while?? This salad is as yummy as it is pretty and has definitely made it into our lunch boxes more than a few times, especially during last…


Pineapple Ginger Smoothie

By Gimme Some Oven

Colorful, tasty and the perfect breakfast smoothie for sailing into summer, this ginger/pineapple concoction is loaded with nutrients. Our favorite? Ginger! Ginger has many health benefits, including breaking down toxins in the body, cleansing the lymphatic system. relieving nausea and pain, lowering inflammation and improves diabetes!

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