We recently read an article by Robin Ray Green on how to flu proof our kids. Given all the news about the flu lately, we were intrigued. What can we be doing to safeguard our little ones against the flu?


  1. Start with a healthy immune system: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, germs don’t make you sick, rather, your body’s inability to fend off germs and foreign invaders does.
  2. Pediatric Tuina Massage (see video tutorial here)
  3. Keep a cut up onion next to your kid’s bed at night
  4. Herbal Remedies: elderberry, ecinacea, mint, golden seal and our favorite- windbreaker are all known to help fight colds and flus when taken consistently
  5. Slow down: if you see your kids are extra tired, cranky or stressed, dial back the activity

Read Robin’s full article here:¬†http://www.robinraygreen.com/flu-proof-your-kid-naturally/