Jess in treatment

I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer and started going to Rocky Coast Family Acupuncture a year ago to help with the side effects of chemotherapy. Jason Stein met with me on my first consultation and I immediately felt a connection with him, as if I had known him forever. I found it extremely easy to share my concerns and medical issues with Jason. Not only did he always come equipped with a variety of options to help me, it was evident that he genuinely cared about my health and well being. Whenever I would present him with a new issue, he would spend extra hours researching the best regimen to help alleviate my symptoms. Jason and his team go above and beyond with their patients to truly get to the root of the problem.

Most recently the medications that I am on have caused severe joint pain. It was to the point where I was potentially going to have to switch to something less effective in combating breast cancer recurrence.  Jason provided me with a variety of natural supplements to help remedy post chemo side effects and work as natural cancer fighters.  He provided me with supplements that are proven to naturally help with joint pain. After about a week I no longer experienced the severe joint pain that was a result of my medication and I was able to stay on the medication that has the greatest success rate.  Additionally, knowing that anything I am given at Rocky Coast does not come with another list of added side effects has really kept my mind at ease. 

Acupuncture has also played a large role in keeping my anxiety at bay during such a stressful time.  I have always had anxiety but after my diagnosis this heightened quite a bit. Along with the anxiety associated with this diagnosis, I started to experience low energy and depression from the combination of medications I was taking. Acupuncture has helped me a great deal with these aspects as well.  My medical team has been very aggressive with treating the disease but often times the emotional component in dealing with cancer can be overlooked. The team at Rocky Coast understands that there is a connection between the two. They focus on what is being depleted both emotionally and physically during a time when so many medicines are working in combination with one another.

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with cancer, I would highly recommend starting acupuncture as soon as possible. Getting on a schedule of one to two appointments a week early on will help you to get ahead of the many side effects that come along with cancer treatments. Integrative therapies in combination with western medicine has been a huge contributor in feeling as well as I do today and I feel so lucky to be a patient at Rocky Coast.

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