Nootropic Supplements

Maybe its the craziness of the holiday season upon us, but for some reason we are finding ourselves in need of a lot of brain boosting these days. Last week we talked about what Nootropics are, and gave you a lovely recipe for a brain-boosting bath. Along with diet and exercise, there are many nootropic…


What Are Nootropics?

Earlier this week we talked about our favorite recipe for a Nootropic Bath. Many of you may be wondering what Nootropics are, and why you should care about them. Nootropics is an umbrella term for a class of supplements that give cognitive benefits to the human brain. In order to fall under this umbrella, the…

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Brain Boost: Nootropic Bath

Tis the season to…treat yourself. One of our favorite ways to indulge (especially come the cold months of winter!!) is with a relaxing bath filled with our favorite salts and essential oils. Below is our recipe for a ceremonial Nootropic bath, which can help unlock your brain, just in time for the holiday season. 1/2…