Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

via recipes worth repeating There has been a lot of talk recently about how Chicken Soup can help fight off colds. From anti-inflammatory effects to hydrating the body and clearing sinuses, this kitchen staple can be a great defense against cold and flu season. We are loving the Asian flair to this soup, as well…


Flu Proof Your Kids Naturally

We recently read an article by Robin Ray Green on how to flu proof our kids. Given all the news about the flu lately, we were intrigued. What can we be doing to safeguard our little ones against the flu?   Start with a healthy immune system: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, germs don’t make…

pressure points for labor

Pressure Points for Labor

Did you know certain pressure points can help move you more comfortably through labor’s stages? Below are the 5 pressure points you need to know during labor for everything from making things faster to anxiety relief. Print it out and give it to your partner so you’re not stuck when the big day finally arrives!